Cementrade LLC — grinding media, mill’s internals, grinding circuit engineering.

High chrome content grinding media, wear and corrosion resistant:

  • ➡ Grinding balls, ∅ 17 — 125 mm, min. 60 HRC, 11-28% chrome content
  • ➡ Cylpebs of any size min. 60 HRC, 11-28% chrome content.

Goods are produced at  Indian foundry, certified under international quality standards and equipped with state of the art automated casting lines.

We guarantee long-lasting lifetime of consumables and supply goods on DDP delivery term.

Mill internals:

  • shell liners;
  • head liners;
  • intermediate diaphragm;
  • discharge diaphragm.

Engineering Services:

  • assessment of a mill’s effectiveness;
  • design of grinding media charge;
  • design of effective mill internals.